regenerationbysnusnu said: Do you get jealous of River? I always thought the Doctor and you are soulmates, seeing as you have a soul. He's the mad man with his box, not the mad man and the archaeologist. Is it even more awkward because you're her indirect mother?

Not jealous really, I think he still spends more time with me than River ;) At any rate I’d rather him have her than no one at all. 

Today this became an accurate representation of my well-being. FML. 

Today was my last trip with the Doctor. 

Today the Doctor used a mallet to pilot me. FML. 

Thank you for all your lovely messages!

Today the Doctor drove a moped around my console just to impress Rose. Don’t worry about the fact that you got tire tracks all over my nice floors and fumes everywhere Doctor. FML. 

Today the Doctor said that he would only call me sexy in private. Is he embarrassed of me? FML. 

Today the Doctor pushed me onto my side, attached some reindeer to me and drove me through the snow like a sleigh. FML. 

I hate seeing him alone like this and not being able to even talk to him. 

Today I was taken by an unknown entity and then hidden, meaning the Doctor couldn’t get back to me. You would have thought that, as this happens so often, the Doctor would think to install some sort of field that prevents me being teleported by unfriendly enemies. It would make things a lot easier in the long run. But no. FML.